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I am fascinated by people and the space within and in between each of us. Over the past decade, I have dedicated myself to observing, exploring, and practicing ways to deepen relationships with ourselves and with each other. As a coach and certified Integral Facilitator, I am committed to unleashing life, creativity, inspiration, and love into the world.

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Lover's Shadow

Let love energise & inspire you

I invite you into the depth and breadth of raw, honest, loving, and intimate relationship with yourself and your loved ones, be they your romantic partner, family, friends, or other important relationships in your life. 

Let's embark on a journey to (re)discover the pleasure, intimacy, connection, sensuality, self-expression, healing, beauty, love, and grace in relationships. 


Wandering Traveler

Know your core & let it fuel you

I invite you to become intimate with yourself and how you participate in the world.

We slow down and pay attention to the thoughts, feelings, behaviours, beliefs, and stories that govern how you interact with the world around you and explore ways of participating that brings out more authenticity, inspiration, joy, freedom, and life.



Unleash collective intelligence

I facilitate workshops and design processes for inspired, creative, and productive teamwork.

I integrate my experiences in design thinking (and doing), digital product management, experiential learning, and community building to design an approach bespoke to your team to help bring out the best in your collaboration. 

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"Michelle’s coaching was great for me. Her coaching is intuitive, non-judgemental, kind, and challenging. Our focus was on the more instinctive and behavioural sides of masculinity so the insights I gained were very practical. It’s impacted my behaviour by linking it to some deeper things like my personal definition of masculinity, my personal traits, and my personal purpose. I genuinely feel greater clarity around masculinity (and femininity) in my everyday life."

Anders, Entrepreneur

“We brought awareness to some of the difficult challenges I am facing. Being able to speak about what I’m going through has been immensely helpful. I feel like I am making great progress towards getting over some of the things that were challenging for me for years.”

Matt, Editor of Cambyo

“Michelle's ability to help me look inward has changed the way I process and navigate my world. Her insight and understanding translate into actionable things I have been able to use to help me better understand who I am and how I want to exist.”

“I really appreciated the questions Michelle asked. She helped me probe far deeper into myself than I was able to do on my own. Working with her for over a year now has helped me through relationship, work, and internal situations as they evolved. No matter what I come to the session with I always leave with a new way of looking at it.”

Sam, Tech entrepreneur

"Michelle facilitated our annual family board meeting, and did an incredible job! We were a group of opinionated individuals with lots of power dynamics at play. Michelle kept us moving along, captured the essence of our conversations succinctly, and got us to align on important topics and clear next steps. She blew the board meeting out of the water, and we feel incredibly lucky to have been able to work with her on such an important and complex topic!"

Kristina, Family foundation board member

“We brought together a group of important stakeholders from around the world. I was worried we would get stuck in our usual problem-solving mode. I was very impressed with Michelle's facilitation. We accomplished a lot throughout the day and it felt so relaxed and truly fun, collaborative, and inspirational.”

Maria, Executive of multi-national company

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